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Verónica Jiménez

Verónica Jiménez was born in Madrid in 1988. She finished her studies as laboratory technician in 2008 in IES Villaverde. She did a 3 month internship at Carmela Calés’ laboratory in the Cancer Biology’s Department at the Institute of Biomedical Research "Alberto Sols" where she learnt some of the usual techniques employed in a research lab.

Then in the same centre and supported by a Hospital Universitario Príncipe de Asturias fellowship, she worked several months between 2008-2009 with Susana Alemany at the Metabolism and Cell Signaling Department mainly genotyping and administrating substances in mice.

After that she continued improving her laboratory skills by doing some laboratory courses.

In 2013 she did an internship at Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre in the Anatomic Pathology Service for six months to complete her studies in Anatomic Pathology and Citology. She learnt about histopathology and helped in authopsies.

In August 2014 she joined the Breast Cancer Clinical Investigation Unit at the CNIO.