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Silvana Andrea Mouron

Silvana Mourón started her career in the area of environmental mutagenesis and carcinogenesis under the supervision of Ing. Dulout in the Center of Basic and Applied Genetics, National University of La Plata (Argentina) where she obtained her Doctoral Thesis in 2004. Along with Dr. Carlos Golijow, she contributed to the beginning of a new research direction in the Center which was focused on the mechanisms involved in the induction of cervical lesions by Human Papilloma Virus.

Following her doctoral studies, she joined Dr. Angel Nebreda´s Group at the Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO) in Madrid. She focused her work on the characterization of RINGO/Speedy C at the biochemical and functional level. They firstly described a role of RINGO/Speedy C in the mitotic checkpoint, which may be mediated by defective recruitment of Spindle Assembly Checkpoint components and deregulation of Aurora B activity. Later, in Santiago Rodriguez de Córdoba´s Lab at the Biological Research Centre (CIB- CSIC), (2009-June 2010), she participated in the characterization of genetically modified mouse models in order to understand the molecular bases of Lafora disease.

In 2010 she moved back to CNIO and joined Dr. Juan Méndez Group as Staff Scientist. During this period she worked in the nuclear function of a new enzyme with primase/polymerase activity named PrimPol. The results obtained described the importance of PrimPol during normal nuclear DNA replication and in the re-start of stalled replication forks after UV irradiation and nucleotide attrition.

Finally, in February 2015 she moved as Staff Scientist to Breast Cancer Clinical Research Unit at the Clinical Research Program of CNIO.