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Manuel Muñoz

Manuel Muñoz, Senior Research Technician

Since 1990 Manuel Muñoz worked for the Centro Nacional de Biotecnología (CSIC) in Madrid at the Immunology and Oncology Department. He was working at the Protein Chemistry and Monoclonal Antibodies Facility in several lines: peptide synthesis, monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production, protein purification, cell culture and in a other laboratory techniques.
The last 10 years in the same Department he was recruited by Genomics Service, where he became expertise in Molecular Biology, Sequencing Analysis, Gene Expression Profile (DNA and Oligo Microarrays in several platforms) and Real Time qPCR. During this time he was directly implicated in two main projects: Gene Expression Analysis in Breast and Colorectal Cancer. All over this time, he has been participating in several courses, meetings and symposiums related with Genomics.
In 2009 he started to work for the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncologicas (CNIO) joining the Gastrointestinal Cancer Clinical Research Unit as Senior Technician. Under the supervision of Dr. Manuel Hidalgo (Head of Unit and Director of the Clinical Research Program), he contributes with technical and scientific support.