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Video research centres Outreach to Society
CNIO & The City: How does a research centre works [Subtitles available in English] A research centre is a place that has the most advanced technology...
Steps to follow if you want to be a researcher Outreach to Society
CNIO & The City: Steps to follow if you want to be a researcher [Subtitles available in English] Have you ever wondered what are the steps to take to devote...
30.01.2018 CNIO researchers cure lung fibrosis in mice with a gene therapy that lengthens telomeres Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is a potentially lethal disease associated with the presence of... What is cancer? Outreach to Society
CNIO & The City: What is cancer [Subtitles available in English] Why does cancer affect so many people around the world? The answer...
13.11.2017 The first effective therapy against glioblastoma by attacking telomeres The Telomere and Telomerase Group at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) has shown... 28.06.2017 Early detection of melanoma metastasis and new targets for treatment A study led by the researcher Marisol Soengas at the CNIO, and published by Nature, allows to... Reprogramación celular 24.11.2016 Tissue damage is key for cell reprogramming A team of the Tumour Supression Group at the CNIO has shown that tissue damage is a relevant factor... Tratamiento antiobesidad 26.03.2015 The CNIO develops an anti-obesity treatment in animal models Obesity is one of the top risk factors within the spectrum of serious diseases that constitute... 11.07.2014 One third of cancer patients are killed by a ‘fat-burning’ process known as cachexia Cachexia, a syndrome that causes extreme thinness and weakness is the real cause of death of one...