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EMBO Molecular Medicine. CNIO researchers design a drug screening platform compatible with patient biopsies to fight metastasis It is estimated that about a quarter of cancer patients are at risk of brain metastases, a rate...
Outreach to Society
For the CNIO Art programme, sculptor Susana Solano has created a piece inspired by the fight against malaria with the support of epidemiologist Pedro Alonso In a world fatigued by the fight against a new pathogen, this year, CNIO Art looks at another...
16.02.2022 Marisol Soengas, winner of the Pezcoller-Marina Larcher Fogazzaro-EACR-Women in Cancer Research Award Marisol Soengas, Head of the Melanoma Group at the CNIO, welcomed the award: “It is a prize given... 14.02.2022 Maria Currás joins the CNIO as head of the Familial Cancer Clinical Unit Maria Currás Freixes (Barcelona, 1983) joins the team at the Spanish National Cancer Research... WISE
CNIO is launching a new campaign – “Women Leading Science Together” – to promote and encourage scientific careers among girls and women [In Spanish] The International Day of Women and Girls in Science is celebrated on 11 February. On...
Ashwag Mukhtar. / Laura M. Lombardía. CNIO 08.02.2022 The Sudanese scientist Ashwag Mukhtar is carrying out a meta-analysis at CNIO on bladder cancer in Spain and North African countries  “It will be the most important experience of my life, I am now part of CNIO,” says... Eva González Suárez. / LAURA M. LOMBARDÍA/CNIO 07.02.2022 Eva González Suárez will be searching for new inhibitors in the treatment of breast cancer thanks to funding from the European Research Council  Eva González Suárez, a researcher at the National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), has received... La directora del CNIO, Maria A. Blasco, delante de la administración de La Lotería que más te toca, en la calle Arenal, Madrid/ Laura M. Lombardía. CNIO Outreach to Society
CNIO establishes “lottery” retail store to raise awareness of the importance of cancer research According to the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), cancer is the lottery with the...
De izquierda a derecha, la directora del CNIO, Maria A. Blasco y la creadora y autora de la escultura Intra-Venus, Marina Vargas y posan junto a la obra en la puerta del CNIO. / LAURA M. LOMBARDÍA/CNIO Outreach to Society
CNIO hosts Intra-Venus, a sculpture by Marina Vargas, and the presentation of the Female Artists with Cancer Association Intra-Venus is a life-size nude sculpture of a breast cancer patient who has had a mastectomy....