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The CNIO celebrates the work and dedication of its young scientists


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The CNIO Dean’s Office for Academic Affairs is closing 2015 by celebrating its ‘Lab Day’ and honouring young researchers who have made the most outstanding scientific discoveries of the year

For the first time, the Dean’s Office is also rewarding the selfless work of its researchers, many of whom are involved in outreach activities aimed at the general public and cancer patients

Last Thursday, December 3, the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) held the fifth edition of Lab Day. The purpose of this event, organised by the Dean’s Office for Academic Affairs in collaboration with the Centre’s pre-doctoral (CNIOSA) and post-doctoral (CNIO-PDA) researchers, is to acknowledge the dedication and good work of its young investigators and to provide opportunities for interaction between research groups.

During Lab Day, CNIO students and young researchers presented talks and submitted posters that summarised their scientific discoveries in the cancer field. These activities were assessed by a committee of experts that rewarded the scientific relevance of the papers submitted and the communication skills of the researchers, essential tools for their professional development.

As in 2014, a drawing contest was held on the theme that reflects, in one image, CNIO´s vision and its core mission: more research, less cancer. The winning image this year illustrated the elimination of cancer cells, which is possible thanks to basic and clinical research, with the slogan ‘Towards a future without cancer’.

In addition, in response to the Centre’s commitment to reach out to society, super-volunteering was rewarded for the first time, with a particular emphasis on altruistic contributions to outreach activities aimed at the general public, cancer patients and the researchers themselves.

In the context of this year´s talks, participants had the opportunity to hear John Diffley, professor at the Francis Crick Institute (United Kingdom), as well as former CNIO students: Eva González Suárez, Head of the Transformation and Metastasis Group at IDIBELL; Sara Álvarez, Medical Director of NIMGenetics; and Marta Puyol, Head of Biomedical Research at the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC).

Lab Day is funded in part by the Jesús Serra Foundation. Marisol Soengas, Dean for Academic Affairs at the CNIO, is most grateful to “the continued support the Foundation has given to the Office’s training activities. These funds have also enabled us to invite prestigious scientists to offer our young researchers their views on issues of great value to their current and future scientific careers.”

The winners of this year’s awards are:

  • Prize to Excellence in Research by Predoctoral Fellows: Elena Doménech (Cell Division and Cancer Group), Elena López-Guadamillas (Tumour Suppression Group), Silvia Álvarez (DNA Replication Group), Laia Richart (Epithelial Carcinogenesis Group), Julia Specks (Genomic Instability Group)
  • Prize to Excellence in Research by Post-doctoral Researchers: Sergio Ruiz (Genomic Instability Group)
  • Prize to the Outstanding Contribution to Outreach and Awareness: Lisa Osterloh (Melanoma Group)
  • Prize to the Best Oral Presentation: Francesc Madriles (Epithelial Carcinogenesis Group)
  • Prize to the Best Scientific Posters:
        First prize: Susana García Silva (Microenvirionment and Metastasis Group)
        Second prize: Teresa Olbrich (Genomic Instability Group)
        Third prize: Hugo Bernard (Growth Factors, Nutrients and Cancer Group) and Emilio Lecona (Genomic Instability Group)
  • Prize to the Best Illustration: María Rigau (Structural Computational Biology Group)

Congratulations to all of them and to all the candidates for their enthusiasm and dedication to cancer research. The CNIO is proud to be part of their scientific careers, which are and, we are certain, will continue to be BRILLIANT!

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