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Maria Blasco named fellow of Royal National Academy of Pharmacy


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The appointment recognises her contributions to the improvement of health both in Spain and abroad

Maria Blasco, the Director of the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), took possession last Thursday (December 5) of her post as a Corresponding Fellow of the Spanish Royal Academy of Pharmacy (RANF). The ceremony— which took place at RANF headquarters— was chaired by Maria Cascales Angosto, one of the academy’s Permanent Members.

During the ceremony, Cascales highlighted Blasco as: “one of the most renowned scientific figures both in Spain and abroad”, and congratulated her on a magnificent scientific career and achievements in the field of human health. Following her appointment and the relevant show of gratitude, Blasco gave an introductory speech titled Telomeres: the origin of disease.

Blasco has committed the past 20 years of her research to investigating telomeres and telomerase, and the roles they play in cancer and ageing. She has authored more than 170 original research articles, and has received numerous important national and international awards for her work, such as the Swiss Bridge Award for Research in Cancer, the Josef Steiner Cancer Research Award, the EMBO Gold Medal, the Rey Jaime I Basic Research Award, the Körber European Science Award, the “Alberto Sols” Award for Excellence in Research, the “Santiago Ramón y Cajal” National Research Award in Biology, and the Lilly Foundation Biomedical Research Award for best preclinical research.

In January 2008, she was appointed to the EMBO Council, and in February 2013, she was named as an Honorary Ambassador of the Spain Brand.

María Blasco during her talk (left) and after the appointment (right). /CNIO

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