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Diálogo Awards Prize to CNIO and Institut Curie


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Maria Blasco and Thierry Philip will accept the prize that recognises the work of both institutions in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer

This is the 11th Diálogo Award for Franco-Hispanic Friendship

The Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) and the Institut Curie have been awarded the 11th Diálogo Prize for Franco?Hispanic Friendship in recognition for their world-leading contributions to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Maria Blasco, Director of the CNIO, and Thierry Philip, President of the Institut Curie will receive the award at the ceremony that will take place on June 10 in Madrid.

The jury of the 11th Diálogo Prize, presided by Rafael Arias?Salgado, has recognised the importance of the roles played by Spain and France in oncology R&D worldwide, as well as the extraordinary human, social and economic challenge that it presents for both countries.

Specifically, the CNIO and the Institut Curie “bear testimony to the dynamism and excellence of European research. Their work has contributed decisively to the prestige of both France and Spain in the research field”, says Diálogo.


Diálogo was founded in 1983 with the aim of contributing towards a better understanding of contemporary realities in France and Spain and fostering a climate of convergence, collaboration and understanding amongst the citizens of both countries. Since its inception it has promoted business, cultural, social and educational activities. Diálogo also helps young students from both countries to experience their first contact with the business world.

The association’s Honorary Presidents are His Majesty the King of Spain and the President of the French Republic. The Honorary Board of Trustees is comprised of members from the leading Spanish and French companies in their respective sectors. The Board of Directors, presided by José María Segovia, includes distinguished personalities from the world of politics and economics as well as social celebrities.


Set up in 2003, its objective is to reward personalities and institutions who have made significant contributions to the Franco-Hispanic Friendship in main areas of cooperation.

Since then, the recipients of the award have been Jean-Martin Folz, President of PSA, and Louis Schweitzer, President of the Renault Group; Jorge Semprún, writer and former Minister of Culture; chefs Ferran Adrià and Michel Guérard; Carlos Dívar, President of the Spanish High Court and Jean-Louis Bruguière, Vice-president of the Tribunal de Grande Instance de París; Fernando Alonso, Fórmula 1 driver and two-time world champion; Juan?Miguel Villar Mir, President of the Grupo Villar Mir, and Jean?Louis Beffa, President of the Board of Directors of the Saint-Gobain Group; Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba and Brice Hortefeux, the  Interior Ministers of the governments of Spain and France, respectively; actors Carmen Maura and Jean Reno; the Louvre and Prado museums through their respective presidents, Henri Loyrette and Plácido Arango; and fashion designers Jean Paul Gaultier and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

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