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CNIO researcher Manuel Hidalgo awarded the ‘El Talento’ Prize


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The Director of the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre’s (CNIO) Clinical Research Programme, Manuel Hidalgo, has been awarded the El Talento 2013 Prize by the newspaper Cinco Días. The CNIO researcher is proud to receive the award in the AcademicTalent category, which recognises people who prioritise research and learning as forms of development, bringing them to the worlds of education and science.

Manuel Hidalgo was educated at Spanish universities and specialised in Medical Oncology at the 12 de Octubre University Hospital in Madrid. He is the architect of several advances in the treatment of pancreatic cancer and has participated in the clinical development of more than thirty new anti-cancer agents. He completed his post-doctoral training at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio and was, for seven years, the Director of the digestive tumours programme at John Hopkins University in the US.

Hidalgo defends the work that goes into most of the success stories: “Part of the talent you are born with, but you also learn through practice. It is a mixture of acquired learning and innate ability”. He recognises that, on occasions, science “can be absolutely wonderful”, whilst at the same time knowing that “most of the time, it is the regulated, continuous, consistent and patient, experiment and study follow ups that do the trick.”

Hidalgo also highlights the importance of teamwork. According to the CNIO researcher, science requires lots of interaction with other scientists or with patients. “If you don’t have enough emotional intelligence to build relationships with those around you, you might be brilliant but you will not be efficient enough,” he says.

The El Talento prizes awarded by Cinco Días, for the second year running, rewards the knowledge, attitude, commitment, creativity and effort of the winners, a set of personal values recognised across four different categories. The award winners in the other categories are the chef Joan Roca (Entrepreneurial Talent), the psychiatrist and lecturer Luis Rojas Marcos (Expert Talent) and Carina Szpilika, the former CEO of ING Direct Spain (Executive Talent).

For further information: http://www.cincodias.com/eltalento

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