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CNIO-Merck alliance receives prize from ‘Correo Farmacéutico’


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Once more, Correo Farmacéutico, one of the most prestigious Spanish journals in the health field, has selected the winners for the Best Initiatives in Pharmacy of 2013. In this year’s awards, the alliance between CNIO and the pharmaceutical company Merck has received an award as one of the best initiatives in the Pharmacological Research and Products category.

The prizes -which recognise the day-to-day efforts of those people, institutions and companies which have contributed to pharmacology, its social relevance and the health field- are designed to motivate and encourage the R&D process which provides patients with new medicines and solutions. The ceremony took place yesterday at Teatros Canal in Madrid.

With this award, Correo Farmacéutico has rewarded the efforts the CNIO has made to develop a knowledge transfer culture with the objective of contributing towards progress and improvement in oncology treatments.

For further information: http://www.correofarmaceutico.com/

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