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CNIO awarded ‘The Best Ideas 2013’ prize in the category of Research and Pharmacology


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The ceremony took place yesterday at the Teatro Nacional de Cataluña, in Barcelona

The specialised publication Diario Médico presented yesterday The Best Ideas 2013 award to the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) in the category of Research and Pharmacology, in recognition of the recent research conducted by Manuel Serrano’s team. This work was published in the journal Nature with the title Reprogramming in vivo produces teratomas and iPSCs with totipotency features. Manuel Serrano received the award on behalf of the Institution and his team.

The event was held during the 12th edition of The Best Ideas 2013 awards, which aims to recognise initiatives that improve the Spanish Health System.

In a fully-attended ceremony, Diario Médico highlighted the research led by Serrano. In this research, the authors managed to reproduce a technique in mice that, applied invitro, won Shinya Yamanaka the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2012.

This innovative research has been picked up by over 200 media worlwide, including all national TVs, The Wall Street Journal, the BBC and the Financial Times. They defined the study as a milestone of today’s biomedicine.

Yesterday’s ceremony was attended by Miquel Vilardell, President of the Official College of Doctors of Barcelona; Ricard Gutiérrez, Vice President of the Organisation of Medical Colleges; Javier Castrodeza, General Director for  Professional  Planning,  assigned  to  the  Ministry  of  Health,  Social

Services and Equality; Antonio María Sáez Aguado, Counsellor of Health of Castilla y León, and Boi Ruiz, Counsellor of Health of Calaluña.

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