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CNIO Annual Report 2018


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The Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) publishes its 2018 Annual Report to give visibility to its achievements and those of its professionals throughout the year.

In 2018, the Centre continued to consolidate its strategy, reinforcing those institutional core values on which is based as ‘Severo Ochoa’ Centre of Excellence. One of its main accomplishments continues to be its scientific output, which continues to excel and places the CNIO firmly on the map as a flagship research centre in Europe. In 2018, it authored a total of 217 papers, 44 of which were published in journals with impact factor between 10 and 15, and 23 publications in journals with impact factor greater than 15. This year, according to the Nature Index considering our scientific contributions in the life sciences and healthcare field, CNIO moved up the ladder to reach the top position among cancer-focused institutions in Europe.

This achievement unquestionably portrays the Centre’s international competitiveness and leadership in cancer research, that carries out through its basic, translational and clinical programmes, that stand testament to its innovation activities: another core value at CNIO, as it aims to contribute to society and the industry ecosystem by turning new discoveries into tangible beneficial products in biomedicine.

Society has become an integral part of CNIO strategy and we are strengthening our initiatives to create the appropriate channels for dissemination and communication with citizens, including youngsters who could evolve into the next generation of scientists. Among these initiatives is CNIO & The City, the educational project to extend the commitment of the CNIO in its academic and outreach work to the youngsters, supported by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology – Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, as well as the recent creation of the Institutional Image and Cultural Activity Office, whose objective is to emphasize the value of science for society and within which is framed CNIO Arte, oriented to tell society about the importance of science through art.

To deeper know all the activity and results of the CNIO last year, we invite you to visit the link: https://www.cnio.es/investigacion-e-innovacion/annual-report/

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