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CLH group has renewed its commitment to ‘CNIO Friends’


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Collaboration agreement with CLH From left to right: Maria A. Blasco, CNIO Director; Carmen Vela, Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation; and José Luis López de Silanes, President of Grupo CLH. /CNIO

Both entities have signed a new collaboration agreement today in support of cancer research

The company reaffirms its status as a sponsor, which started in 2016

The Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation, and the President of the Board of Trustees of the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO), Carmen Vela, together with the President of Grupo CLH, José Luis López de Silanes, and the director of the CNIO, Maria A. Blasco, have signed a new collaboration agreement between the company and the Centre, based on the ‘CNIO Friends’ philanthropic initiative. The agreement is intended to promote cancer research and train scientific personnel.

The signing ceremony took place at the headquarters of the CNIO in Madrid and involved renewing the collaborative agreement between Grupo CLH and the CNIO, which came into force one year ago. The company will, therefore, continue to be one of the sponsors of ‘CNIO Friends’, an initiative that already has more than 800 patrons.

Thanks to the collaboration of sponsors, such as CLH, and to hundreds of anonymous citizens, Friends of CNIO has signed five postdoctoral contracts to date, aimed at studying the disease.

In the words of the Secretary of State, Carmen Vela, “today we have two entities, a great company and a research centre of excellence, and a commitment to the well-being of society. Spain needs more philanthropy, so this agreement must serve as an example to be followed.”

On behalf of the CNIO, its director, Maria A. Blasco, stated that “not only the support of citizens is very important, that of businesses is also key. The ‘Friends of the CNIO’ initiative is becoming a source of funds with which to recruit leading researchers and we hope to continue to grow.”

The president of CLH, José Luis López de Silanes, stressed that “for the company I represent, it is an honour to renew our collaboration with a world-leading research centre like the CNIO, in such an important matter as cancer research and the training of research staff.”

About the CNIO

The CNIO is a Spanish public institution dedicated to the research, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. It is among the 10 leading cancer research centres in the world (Scimago Report; Nature Index) and caters for the entire R&D roadmap, from basic research to clinical tests, with a view to transferring the results obtained quickly and efficiently to the Health Care System and to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets.

The CNIO has also generated three spin-off companies, which have also allowed patients to benefit from the centre’s developments. These data reflect the Institution’s commitment to innovation and the transfer of technology, and illustrate the importance of public-private collaboration in the diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

About CLH

Grupo CLH is a leading company in the transport and storage of petroleum products in the Spanish market. It operates a pipeline network that is more than 4,000 kilometres long, as well as 40 storage facilities with a capacity of 8 million cubic meters, and 28 airport facilities in Spain. At the international level, the company is present in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Oman.

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