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ASISA Vida and ‘CNIO Friends’ join forces for cancer research


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Asisa Vida Mujer

The insurance company will donate 5% of the premiums of one of its new products, ASISA Vida Mujer (ASISA Life Women), which includes specific coverage for gynaecological cancer, to the CNIO

The Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) has signed a collaboration agreement with ASISA Vida linked to a new product launched by this company. It is an insurance policy for women, which includes specific coverage of gynaecological cancer. Thanks to the awareness the insurance company has for this issue, 5% of the premiums of ASISA Vida Mujer will be donated to the CNIO Friends initiative to fund cancer research.

ASISA Vida has, therefore, become a member of the ‘CNIO Friends’ philanthropy platform, whose efforts are intended to involve people, companies, and institutions in cancer research. The initiative has already attracted more than 700 collaborators, whose contributions have served to finance three postdoctoral contracts to date. 

This insurance policy “falls within ASISA’s commitment to offering innovative products, adapted to the particular needs of each customer and that include the highest possible coverage,” according to the company. This agreement adds to the forms of collaboration with ‘CNIO Friends’ and opens new horizons in research funding.

About CNIO Friends

The CNIO Friends initiative arose in late 2014 with the purpose of raising funds to finance various research projects developed at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre and, thus, persevere in our efforts to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. To date, we have more than 700 donors whose generosity has allowed the introduction of three post-doctoral fellowships to study this disease.

About ASISA Vida

ASISA Vida is a company belonging to the ASISA Group that specialises in marketing and managing life insurance. ASISA Vida bases its offer on quality, professionalism, safety, and the experience of a business group with more than 35 years of experience in the field of health that is trusted by more than 2 million policyholders.


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