CNIO-CaixaResearch Frontiers Meeting: Genome Organization and Stability CNIO-CaixaResearch Frontiers Meeting: Metastasis

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Aside from its prominence on the map of international science, the CNIO has acquired a reputation as a cultural hotspot, a meeting place where thought-provoking people and ideas can come together. In that light, the events on the Center’s calendar include more than a few lectures and similar functions. Most of these are specialized sessions that attract leading researchers in a given subject area, such as the CNIO-CaixaResearch Foundation Frontiers Meetings (CFM) or the CNIO Seminars. Others are directed more towards the general public, or deal with the social aspects of research. In this latter category are events organized by the Office of Women in Science or within the framework of the CNIO Friends initiative. All are open to the public and advance notice of their scheduling will be published in the media and on social networks of the CNIO.