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Official Postgraduate Programmes, Official Masters Degrees and other University Diplomas

The CNIO collaborates with several Official Postgraduate Programmes including Masters Degrees and other University Diplomas. We offer students the possibility of completing their Masters’ Final Projects at the Centre. CNIO researchers also actively participate coordinating and teaching these programmes.

Masters Degree in Biocomputing and Computational Biology. National School of Health, Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ENS-ISCIII) / Madrid Scientific Park (PCM) / Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO)

Location: Pedro Díez Room, National School of Health. Madrid
E-mail: secretaria@masterbioinformatica.com
Phone: 91 394 4265
Fax: 91 394 4159
Masters Degree Website (in Spanish)

Official Postgraduate Programme in Molecular Biosciences. Autonoma University of Madrid (UAM)

Location: Faculty of Science and Faculty of Medicine. UAM. Madrid
E-mail: gestor.biociencias.moleculares@uam.es
Phone: 91 497 2645
Official Postgraduate Programme in Molecular Biosciences Website

Official Masters Degree in Clinical Research and its application in Oncology. CEU-San Pablo University in Madrid (USPCEU)

Location: Hospital Universitario Madrid Norte Sanchinarro / Centro Integral Oncológico Clara Campal. Madrid
E-mail: docencia_oncologia@hospitaldemadrid.com

Phone: 91 514 0404
Fax: 91 536 0660
Website (in Spanish)
Information (in Spanish, PDF 490 KB)

Official Masters Degree in Therapeutic Targets, Research and Development. University of Alcala (UAH)

Location: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department. Faculty of Medicine. UAH. Alcala de Henares
E-mail: info.postgrado@uah.es
E-mail: angelica.fernandez@uah.es
Phone: 91 394 4265

Master Degree in Molecular Oncology

The main objective of this Master Degree is to offer up-to-date training in molecular oncology, aimed at diagnosing and treating cancer based on a multidisciplinary vision of the tumour disease. Special emphasis is placed on the latest findings in translational research. Training is provided by experienced clinicians and researchers, both from the CNIO and other prestigious institutions.

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