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This training programme is designed for medical doctors specialized in Oncology, Gynaecology, or Digestive Diseases, Geneticists, and other practitioners specialised in any biomedical field related to cancer (MIR, BIR, FIR, etc); it is meant to introduce them to the genetic and technical aspects of Familial Cancer.

This programme is developed through three month stays within different groups of the Human Cancer Genetics Programme at the CNIO.

The activity will consist of laboratory work, learning about and working with different techniques of genetic and cytogenetic analysis for the study of susceptibility to cancer, genetic tests and main indications, and response to drugs. These activities will be centred in the laboratories of Human Genetics, Hereditary Endocrine Cancer, Molecular Cytogenetics research Groups, and the Genotyping Unit the of the CNIO. The specialists will obtain first-hand knowledge of the different lines of research on familial and hereditary cancer.

This training programme is completed with weekly seminars, courses and meetings that are held in the CNIO in general, and within the Human Cancer Genetics Programme in particular.

For further information, please contact Gema Moreno gmoreno@srv.cnio.es