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Over the decades, multiple visual representations —film, theatre, comic, television, videogames…— have created in the collective gaze the idea that Victor Frankenstein was a megalomaniac and irresponsible scientist, incapable of reining in his boundless delirium. However, in Mary Shelley’s novel, Victor was a young scientist who wondered whether human death could be avoided. Is that a crime or insanity? Or is it the life breath that drives, and should drive, scientists anywhere in the world at any period of time?

This was the subject of the roundtable discussion moderated by Fernando Marías, author, novelist, scriptwriter and editor, among others, of the book Frankenstein Resuturado. The CNIO Director, Maria A. Blasco, molecular biologist and biochemist; the novelist, essayist and article writer Lorenzo Luengo; and the novelist, actress and theatre producer Cristina Higueras, shared with him their experiences at Madrid CaixaForum.

Watch here how was the event: