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Eva Lootz

Eva Lootz

Renowned visual artist, recipient of the National Visual Arts Prize (1994). Her sculptural work explores the relationship between matter and language through “phenomenal” elements such as sand, mercury and dry ice, but also time and sound. On this occasion, she has created a series of drawings conceived of as thoughts or “illuminations” that reflect on the main research interests of Margarita Salas.

Margarita Salas
Photograph of Amparo Garrido

Margarita Salas

Pioneering scientist of Molecular Biology in Spain and winner of the Santiago Ramon y Cajal National Research Award (1999). She has authored hundreds of papers mainly in relation to the bacterial virus Phi29. One of her greatest scientific contributions is the decoding of genetic information.

Can the paths taken by art and science share common spaces? What is the relationship between a scientist and a visual artist? What is certain is that neither pathway of knowledge is impervious to the other.

This first edition of ‘Binomio’ is born from the dialogue between two brilliant women in different fields of action, the scientist Margarita Salas and the visual artist Eva Lootz.

The project includes two perspectives that are ensconced in the most overlooked angles of experience and from there they gift us with an image. A way of seeing the world and exploring that which is imperceptible to the eye. We are in a place linked to research and creation, in a laboratory turned into a museum. Where the way paved for the narrative, by way of a diary, is the territory of desire and conjecture. A chamber of knowledge where there is room for certainties and uncertainties, a logbook that activates observation of the phenomenon and the “excitement of discovery”. Findings that emerge from a hunch, a fortuitous accident or an unexpected mutation. So we behave scientifically and artistically; we analyse nature, we begin to understand the “intimate and secret relations” between our physical and human geography.

Mireia A. Santa Cristina d’Aro, curator for Binomio

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