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Art & Science is an initiative undertaken by the CNIO funded by the Banco Santander Foundation aimed at building bridges between outstanding figures in the world of science and art so that together they can explore the territory that both their respective fields of endeavour – scientific discovery and artistic creation — have in common.

The starting point for this exchange of approaches is the assumption that both science and art are absolutely necessary in order to understand and interpret the world, and that each discipline can draw on the other for inspiration. In the words of Maria A. Blasco, the head of the CNIO, “Scientists and artists have this in common: both of us are used to staring into the face of the unknown and have not hesitated to venture ever deeper into the darkness with an open mind, the better to see into the beyond and learn from it.

2019 Chema Madoz and Ignacio CIrac


2018 Eva Lootz and Margarita Salas

Margarita Salas and Eva Lootz came to us from the realms of science and science and art, respectively, to feature as guests of honor at the premiere of our Art & Science Binomial event. From conversations and encounters the two of them held over a period of months in 2017, Lootz created an audiovisual work and a series of 99 drawings intended as thoughts or “illuminations” reflecting the main lines along which Salas’s research is leading her.