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The CNIO is strongly committed to promoting practices that support equity, diversity and inclusion within our internal practices and in our research, embody these values in all our CNIO activities and to support and promote these values in the research community.

Our current priorities in action on gender and diversity include:

1. Selection and recruitment processes

The CNIO is an institution that takes pride in adhering to international standards of excellence and ensuring equal job opportunities for men and women, Spanish and foreign nationals, regardless of candidate’s age, race, religion, physical disability or sexual orientation. Hiring decisions are made on the sole basis of scientific excellence.

2. Measures of conciliation of personal and professional life

The CNIO has in place a policy including a number of measures to facilitate the conciliation of personal and professional life, which are fundamentally aimed to help CNIO employees to fully realize their professional career in science.

3. Equality Plan

Since 2019, CNIO has a very innovative Equality Plan that includes important measures in terms of access and selection, training, conciliation, promotion at work, remuneration, gender violence, digital disconnection and a remote working program https://www.cnio.es/en/women-in-science/cnio-equality-plan/

4. Women in Science Office:

The Centre has established a Women in Science Office (WISE). The main objectives are to raise awareness regarding the importance of gender equality and to help to correct imbalances in the career ladder at the CNIO community, especially in the leadership positions. Monthly actions/events are held to achieve these objectives https://www.cnio.es/en/women-in-science/activities-events/.

5. Code of Ethical Conduct

The CNIO has in place a Code of Ethical Conduct, to which all employees and staff providing services at the Centre must adhere, which includes specific clauses aimed to ensure the respect of diversity, and promotion of inclusiveness and equality. This includes a policy of no discrimination for reasons of gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status, caring or parental responsibilities, illness, disability, etc.

6. Gender parity in the committees involved in the governance of the Centre

All the committees existing at the CNIO playing a key role in the governance of the CNIO, such as the Scientific Committee, Programme Directors Committee, or the Scientific Advisory Board, maintain a gender balanced composition, and this aspect is actively monitored to guarantee that this balance is preserved regardless of the changes in their members.

7. CNIO conferences and seminars

The CNIO applies a strict policy of gender parity in the selection of speakers for its “Distinguished Seminar” yearly series, as well as for the international scientific conferences “CNIO Frontiers Meetings”, and for any other kind of workshops, symposia or events organized/co-organized by the CNIO.

8. Language and images displayed in the webpage, Annual Report and other public documents

The CNIO places a particular care in the use of illustrations and photography in the webpage, social media, and any documents released by the institution, to ensure appropriately diverse representation in our pages, as well as to use an appropriate language when dealing with topics such as ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability and health.