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Ana Requena

WISE event 17/10/2017 12:00 h.

CNIO Auditorium

Ana Requena. Journalist and columnist at "El Diario"


News Gender bias distorts peer review across fields (Nature)

In many scientific fields, women publish fewer papers than men, are less likely to be listed as first authors and are less likely to receive glowing letters of recommendation from their advisers. These disparities have decreased over time, but they persist. Now, a study finds that some journal editors might be inadvertently taking gender into account when selecting reviewers for papers.

Full article: Gender bias distorts peer review across fields

12 badass scientist

Meet 12 badass scientists... who also happen to be women (TED)

Everywhere you look, odds appear stacked against women in STEM. Only 30% of the world's researchers are women, and women hold fewer than 25% of STEM jobs in the US. In fact, one recent survey found 67% of Europeans and 93% of Chinese respondents don't even believe women have the skills to do science - and Nobel Prize-winning biochemist Tim Hunt thinks women cause "trouble" in the lab.

Full article: Meet 12 Badass Scientists... Who Also Happen to be Women

We're losing brilliant female scientists (iNews)

Read the article by Polly Arnold, a Chemistry Professor "obsessed with the waste of talent that happens when women leave science at each career stage."

Full article: We're losing brilliant female scientists - here's how to change that