Scientific Programmes

Structural Biology and Biocomputing Programme

Structural Computational Biology Group

Group Leader:  Alfonso Valencia

The main interest of our group is the study of the molecular bases of cancer progression. We bring an evolutionary perspective to how global genome organisation influences tumour progression, i.e. how the interplay between genomics and epigenomics determines the cause and course of the progression of tumours.

Our research is largely carried out in the context of largescale projects, where we develop and apply computational methods to reveal general properties of the genome-cancer relationships. In parallel, these methods and ideas are applied to specific molecular systems from which we can gain detailed molecular information.

In this general scenario, the strategic goals of the Structural Computational Biology Group are to:

  • Develop software platforms for the extraction, integration and representation of cancer data, including the statistical analysis of molecular, genomic, epigenomic and phenotypic information in collaboration with largescale genome projects.
  • Analyse the function, structure and specific interactions of cancer- related proteins.
  • Develop methods, tools and ideas to understand and model processes relating to genome structure, organisation and evolution, with a special focus on tumour progression.