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Date24/11/2017 Time 12:00 Ad Hoc Seminar
Speaker, Institution Stefano Stella. The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Title CRISPR-Cpf1, the new blade for genome manipulation
Venue CNIO Auditorium
Invited byJasminka Boskovic, Electron Microscopy Unit, Structural Biology Programme
Date30/11/2017 Time 12:30 Ad Hoc Seminar
Speaker, Institution Marta Shahbazi. University of Cambridge, UK
Title The making of an epithelium: a stem cell perspective
Venue 2nd floor seminar room
Invited byMirna Perez Moreno, Epithelial Cell Biology Group, Cancer Cell Biology Programme
Date01/12/2017 Time 12:00 Distinguished Seminar
Speaker, Institution Victor G. Corces. O. Wayne Rollins Research Center, Emory University, Atlanta, US
Title Transcription and the three-dimensional organization of the genome
Venue CNIO Auditorium
Invited byAna Losada, Chromosome Dynamics Group, Molecular Oncology Programme
Date12/12/2017 Time 12:00 Women in Science Office Seminar
Speaker, Institution Margarita de Cos. Large Donors Account Head. WWF España, Madrid, Spain
Title Tba
Venue CNIO Auditorium
Invited byWoman in Science Office
Date13/12/2017 Time 15:00 Ad Hoc Seminar
Speaker, Institution Carson Thoreen. Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, US
Title Translational control of cell growth by the mTOR signaling pathway
Venue 2nd floor seminar room
Invited byAlejo Efeyan, Metabolism and Cell Signaling Group, Molecular Oncology Programme
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