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Date23/05/2017 Time 12:00 Women in Science Office Seminar
Speaker, Institution Natalia Flores Sanz. Ex-jugadora Selección Española Fútbol Sala/Ex player of Spanish National indoor football team. Directora programa Mujer y Deporte/Director of Woman and Sport programme del Consejo Superior de Deporte
Title Situación del deporte femenino en España. Experiencia personal (Charla en Castellano- Please note that this seminar will be held in Spanish)
Venue CNIO Auditorium
Invited byWoman in Science Office
Date26/05/2017 Time 12:00 Ad Hoc Seminar
Speaker, Institution Santiago Zelenay. Cancer Inflammation and Immunity Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, The University of Manchester, UK
Title Manipulating inflammation to raise cancer immunogenicity
Venue 2nd floor seminar room
Invited byAlejo Efeyan, Metabolism and Cell Signaling Group, Molecular Oncology Programme
Date30/05/2017 Time 16:00 Ad Hoc Seminar
Speaker, Institution Hana Algül. Technical University München, Germany
Title Autophagy in pancreatic diseases
Venue CNIO Auditorium
Invited byFrancisco X. Real, Epithelial Carcinogenesis Group, Cancer Cell Biology Programme
Date15/06/2017 Time 12:00 Ad Hoc Seminar
Speaker, Institution Xavier Llor. Yale University, New Haven, US
Title tba
Venue 3rd floor seminar room
Invited byNuria Malats, Genetic & Molecular Epidemiology Group, Human Cancer Genetics Programme
Date16/06/2017 Time 12:00Cancelled Distinguished Seminar
Speaker, Institution Magdalena Götz. German Research Center for Environmental Health, Nuremberg, Germany
Title Tba
Venue CNIO Auditorium
Invited byManuel Valiente, Brain Metastasis Group, Molecular Oncology Programme
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