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Date20/10/2017 Time 10:00 Ad Hoc Seminar
Speaker, Institution Mario Pende. The Institut Necker-Enfants Malades (INEM), Paris, France
Title Growth control by mTOR/S6K and Hippo/YAP master regulators in Tuberous Sclerosis
Venue 2nd floor seminar room
Invited byAlejo Efeyan, Metabolism and Cell Signaling Group, Molecular Oncology Programme
Date20/10/2017 Time 13:00 Distinguished Seminar
Speaker, Institution Peter Carmeliet. Vesalius Research Center, Leuven, Belgium
Title Angiogenesis revisited: role and (therapeutic) implications of endothelial metabolism
Venue CNIO Auditorium
Invited byJoaquín Pastor, Experimental Therapeutics Programme
Date07/11/2017 Time 12:00 Ad Hoc Seminar
Speaker, Institution Rui Benedito. CNIC, Madrid, Spain
Title Using multispectral and combinatorial genetic mosaics to understand angiogenesis in development and disease
Venue CNIO Auditorium
Invited byFrancisco X. Real, Epithelial Carcinogenesis Group, Cancer Cell Biology Programme
Date17/11/2017 Time 12:00 Distinguished Seminar
Speaker, Institution Stefan Kubicek. CeMM Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria
Title Targeting chromatin for cancer cell synthetic lethality
Venue CNIO Auditorium
Invited byOscar Fernández Capetillo, Genomic Instability Group, Molecular Oncology Programme
Date01/12/2017 Time 12:00 Distinguished Seminar
Speaker, Institution Victor G. Corces. O. Wayne Rollins Research Center, Emory University, Atlanta, US
Title Transcription and the three-dimensional organization of the genome
Venue CNIO Auditorium
Invited byAna Losada, Chromosome Dynamics Group, Molecular Oncology Programme
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